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Past Competitions 2014: 138 tenders

Reg no. Category Title Winner company


Supply of fuel to the UN Agencies in Moldova on Long Term Agreement basis

Communications Services

Company to undertake collection, development and dissemination of successful stories of women leaders in print, on-line and audio-visual media
Action Global Communication LTD   MDL 287352.00   Lot 2  
BDR Associates Communication Grup   USD 52574.00   Lot 3  
Business TV Media SRL   USD 30167.00   Lot 1  


Consultancy services for facilitation of gender self-assessment and monitoring of audio-visual, print and on-line media in the Republic of Moldova before, during and after the elections
Asociatia Presei Independente   MDL 3484040.00    

Consulting services

Harmonization of the national legislation in compliance with the international standards related to the prevention and elimination of sexism in media and advertisement
Asociatia Agentilor de Publicitate AAPM SRL   MDL 113493.00    

IT / Computers

Procurement of Tablet PCs
Sistem Infoanalitic SRL   USD 14392.00    


Communication and media training for newly elected women parliamentarians
Ascendis Consulting SRL   USD 16968.00    


GRANTS PROGRAMME (GP-2014: Advocacy for Psychological Evaluation)
Institutul de reforme penale   USD 13500.00    

Consulting services

Consultancy services for company/organisation to conduct feasibility study on establishment of gender-sensitive and coordinated inter-community one-window information and service facilities and pilot the initiative (JILDP/UN Women)
N/A     Tender cancelled  

Communications Services

Video toolkit on green development and environmental fiscal reform
IDENTIC Studio SRL   USD 19890.00    

Printing services

Design and printing visibility materials for UN Women
EchimArt SRL   MDL 74650.00   LOT 1  
Otex Elit SRL   52584.70   LOT 3  
Tender canceled     LOT 2  


Furniture for SYSLAB Centre in Comrat
Acvilin Grup SRL   MDL 20134.00   LOT 2  
Cosmostar SRL   MDL 43847.00   LOT 1  


Procurement of seeds: lucerne, common sainfoin, bromegrass and orchard grass
Agrimens-Exim SRL   USD 49558.32    

Printing services

Design and printing visibility package for Women in Politics Program
Alvia Grup SRL   MDL 197760.00    

Consulting services

Study on natural resources tax system
Fast Training Consulting SRL   USD 16808.90    

IT / Computers

Development of the Official Website of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova
BERLINER GMBH SRL   28874.50    



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Other UN Agencies in Moldova

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