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Past Competitions 2013: 125 tenders

Reg no. Category Title Winner company

IT / Computers

Development and implementation of "OneMoldova" web portal

Medical Equipment

Procurement of Methadone Dispensers (22 pcs) and Distiller (1 pcs) for the Republican Narcology Service and the Department of Penitentiary Institutions - UNODC
Medec-Service SRL   MDL 151074.78    

Maintenance services

Cleaning services to UN House
N/A     Tender canceled  

IT / Computers

Procurement of IT equipment for the Resource Training Center in Harm Reduction, Balti , Moldova - UNODC
BTS Pro SRL   MDL 73752.00    


Procurement of furniture for the Resource Training Center in Harm Reduction, Balti, Moldova - UNODC
Polimobil SRL   MDL 64296.00    

IT / Computers

Procurement of office equipment as per provisions of the LTA
AproService-X SRL   USD 7880.00    

Medical Equipment

Procurement of Methadone Dispensers (22 pcs) and Distiller (1 pcs) for the Republican Narcology Service and the Department of Penitentiary Institutions - UNODC
N/A     Tender canceled  


Provision of conference facilities, accommodation, transportation and catering services for the organization of training for civil society organizations
Elit- Tur SRL   MDL 39440.00   LOT 3  
Tirus Group SRL   MDL 67300.00   LOT 1  
Volare Tur   MDL 66150.00   LOT 2  


Projects to promote the creation of job opportunities through the development of eco-cultural rural tourism along the Nistru River
ANTREC Moldova   USD 94159.00    
TOCB Consulting SRL   USD 86422.00    


Rent of Billboards - MEBP
Priormedia SRL   USD 6496.00    


Catering and accommodation facilities for DPI/UNODC Moldova workshop
IT-Relax SRL   MDL 53440.00    


Development of the National Study for Promotion of Organic Agriculture
Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare   USD 54550.00    


Asociația Culturală "VESELIA "   USD 37992.00    
Campus NGO   USD 43856.00    
Centrul de Dezvoltare în Sănătate „AFI”   USD 45651.55    
Centrul “Colaborare și Parteneriat”   USD 46570.00    
Low Vision NGO   USD 47778.00    
Media Center   USD 47409.00    
People in Need   USD 46756.00    
Pro Didactica NGO   USD 48017.00    
Pro-Trebujeni NGO   USD 25191.00    
Renasterea NGO   USD 24538.00    


Event facilities for UNODC
Codru Hospitality   MDL 157991.00    


Procurement of work clothes and shoes for the Orhei National Park administration
Tricolux SRL   MDL 114360.00    



In case of discrepancies between the text published on the website and the contents of the supporting documents, the provisions, instructions and conditions included in the supporting documents (published as Adobe Portable Document Format files) shall prevail. In case of discrepancies between the English version and the Romanian and/or Russian versions of text, documents or other content published on this webpage, the English version shall prevail.

Notice for electronic submission of offers

Electronic offers shall be submitted by email to the following email address: Please, follow the special instructions related to electronic submission of offers described in the solicitation documents. Messages should not exceed 5 MB in size. Offers larger than 5 MB should be split into several messages and each message subject should indicate “part x of y” besides the marking mentioned in the announcement and the solicitation documents. All electronic submissions are confirmed by an automatic reply from

If you do not receive a confirmation by email, please, contact UNDP Moldova Registry Office by phone +373-22-220045. Offers received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Other UN Agencies in Moldova

Procurement opportunities launched by other UN Agencies in Moldova (such as IOM, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO, UNAIDS) are published on the official website of the UN in Moldova.

Procurement Notices.