2009/2010 National Human Development Report

"Climate Change in Moldova: Socio-Economic Impact and Policy Options for Adaptation"

The 2009/2010 National Human Development Report, which marks the 15th anniversary of NHDRs in Moldova, provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the strong influence of climate variability and climate change, and extreme weather events on areas vital to human development in Moldova: water resources, ecosystems, agriculture and energy, transport infrastructure and health.

The Report makes clear that “Climate change is global, but its effects are local”. It also examines how well the country's development agenda aligns with climate change realities, and with formulating integrated policy proposals.

“I look forward to this Report generating discussions around climate change impact on Moldova, the role of government and individuals in addressing it and the proposed policy recommendations. I hope that such national dialogue will help achieve greater progress of the country”, states Ms. Kaarina Immonen in the Foreword to this National Report.

The Report concludes that Moldova will face warmer and wetter winters but hotter and drier summers and autumns. Moldova can expect winters like in England and summers like in Greece or Spain. As the Report makes clear, the 2007 summer drought can be seen as a warning sign to policy and decision-makers—one that makes clear that climate change and its impacts need to be considered today, not tomorrow.

The Report is intended for policy makers at national, regional and local level, civil society and academia, donors and agencies providing technical assistance and the broad public. In the process of reducing the climate change impact on human development in Moldova, the Report highlights the joint responsibility of all stakeholders - public authorities, private sector and civil society - and the need for individual behavioural changes to support the national climate change agenda.

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