Better Opportunities for Youth and Women




The project promotes the diminution of vulnerability of certain social categories in respect of such negative social phenomena like: domestic violence and physical abuses, unemployment, delinquency and drug consumption. The overall project purpose is to develop specific services to support the social, economical and professional reintegration of graduates of boarding schools – orphans or children without family care, mothers with children at risk, expectant mothers at risk, through providing shelter services (up to 12 months), with conditions similar to family one, psychological and social care, providing with independent life skills, activities aimed at facilitating beneficiaries’ access to labour market, financial and material support. The project will create jobs for vulnerable groups, will identify existing job vacancies and will provide vocational trainings.

Dates of implementation:

 November 2004 – December 2011


  • Establishment and development of a network of 10 independent centres for social reintegration located in areas outside Chisinau, operated by local non-governmental organizations.
  • Development within these centres of services and programmes to facilitate the social and professional reintegration of above categories.
  • Improvement of social assistance services in these areas both from qualitative and quantitative aspects.
  • Increasing the capacity and “marketability” of the labour force through vocational training.
  • Create long term and temporary employment opportunities for project beneficiaries through: collaboration with private and public actors, direct employment to enlarge the existing company’s production capacity and development of social entrepreneurship activities.
  • Step up the financial sustainability of Social Reintegration Centres by backing the adjustment of legal mechanisms of financing alternative social services from the public budget, and strengthen the partner NGOs’ capacities by giving access to the state public budget.



    • Establishment of 10 fully operational centres for social reintegration;
    • 1720 graduates of boarding schools will be assisted and provided with vocational training during 2006-2009;
    • 300 beneficiaries will be provided with jobs during 2006-2009;
    • Minimum 10 social enterprises oriented to support Centres’ activities and to provide new jobs;
    • 2100 beneficiaries provided with social services, including graduates from boarding schools and orphanages, vulnerable women and their children, and victims of trafficking during 2010-2011;
    • 936 beneficiaries provided with vocational training during 2010-2011;
    • 624 beneficiaries provided with jobs during 2010-2011;
    • 6 new social entrepreneurship activities launched during 2010-2011;
    • 8 private enterprises/business supported during 2010-2011;
    • 100 new jobs created during 2010-2011;
    • Adjusted legal mechanisms of financing alternative social services from the public budget and regulation’s bill toward application of the Law of Social Services elaborated.


Public awareness:

Intensive public awareness activities aimed at apprising the decision-makers and public about the need of protecting the social vulnerable categories from any kind of violence, abuse and exploitation.


The total budget is 5,192 million US dollars, which from 3,8 million US dollars provided by US Agency for International Development (USAID), 592,000 US dollars provided by the Government of Romania and 800,000 US dollars provided by Soros Foundation – Moldova.


Local non-governmental organizations, Local Public Authorities, Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Ministry of Education, UNICEF, ILO, OSCE, La Strada Moldova, IOM, Every Child, UNFPA.


The Social Reintegration Centres will cover the deficit of specialised social services rendered to both graduates of boarding schools and women with children at risk or in a crisis situation, as well as social assistance rendered to expectant mothers intending to abandon their children. Through these 10 centres “Better Opportunities for Youth and Women” project aims at reducing the number of vulnerable persons, subject to live on fringe of society, physically or psychologically abused or exploited.



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