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Joint Integrated Local Development Programme


The Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP) assists the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the process of decentralization and strengthening of the local self-government.The program is implemented in terms of the human rights based approach and gender equality and, therefore, appeal to a wider participation, accountability, transparency and nondiscrimination in all national and local development processes.


  • To assist the Government of the Republic of Moldova to upgrade national legal, policy and advisory frameworks to support sustainable processes of development at sub-national level
  • To develop capacity of local authorities for rights based and gender responsive planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development initiatives.
  • To empower rural communities and CSOs in target regions to actively participate in local development planning, implementation and monitoring and have better access to improved service delivery and community infrastructure.
  • Communities of Transnistria and of Security Zone are equally benefiting from the improved service delivery and community infrastructure through their active participation in local development initiatives.

Expected outcomes:

    • Strengthened institutional and administrative capacities at all levels of government to implement the decentralization reform and support the processes of local sustainable development etc.;
    • Promoted and institutionalized principles of democratic governance – participation, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability – at all levels of government to support the processes of local sustainable development etc.;
    • Strengthened and institutionalized cooperation between the communities, private sector, civil society and all levels of the government to plan, finance and implement the initiatives of local sustainable development;
    • Empowered communities and civil society organizations, including the Transnistrean region, to participate in the processes for planning, implementing and monitoring of local development. Local stakeholders able to provide services and update the basic infrastructure.

Public awareness:

Activities for awareness of decision-makers focused on strengthening of the institutional framework and implementation of the local sustainable development principles to build the capacity for policy formulation and implementation and for quality services delivery.


Central and local public authorities, civil society, academia and scientific organizations, international organizations.


JILDP will strengthen the approach of local development from the perspective of human rights and gender equality, which implies participation, transparency, accountability, non-discrimination and ensuring equal participation of women and men in local development processes at the political, economic and social levels. The programme will help the communities mobilize and enhance their capacity to participate in the local development processes. It will also motivate the local authorities to foster and maintain the democratic principles of local governance, with an emphasis on community participation in the decision making processes. The vulnerable groups from poor rural and urban regions will feel the benefit of a sustainable social-economic development by virtue of appropriate regional and local policies implemented by the local public authorities and partners. At the central level, a favourable political environment for local self-government will be created. The adherence to European norms of democratic governance motivates and ensures the implementation and practice of such governance in the Republic of Moldova.


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