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Past Vacancies 2021: 43 vacancies

Reg no. Title
Pr21/02206 National Consultant to undertake the verification of the implementation of the Republic of Moldova’s HCFCs Phase-Out Management Plan Stage-II Programme
Pr21/02205 UN Women: National Consultant/ Group of consultants on Strategic Planning for Local Public Authorities
Pr21/02203 5 National Consultants in conducting Adaptation Technology Needs Assessment, phase II and III in water, energy, health, forestry, transport sectors (NAP-2)
Pr21/02201 International consultant to enhance the collaboration and uniform approaches within the system of forensic institutions of the Republic of Moldova
Pr21/02197 Gender Expert and Communication and Public Speaking Expert for Women Associations from Defense and Security Sectors, NPA and Custom Services
Pr21/02196 National Consultant for developing a full proposal for the UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Trust Fund (UNPRPD TF)
Pr21/02195 Team of National Consultants to provide gender expertise and capacity building programmes for Women Associations from Defence and Security Sectors based on strategic plans
Pr21/02191 International Consultant to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Management Strategy and its Action Plan (NAP-2)
Pr21/02192 National Consultant to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Management Strategy and its Action Plan (NAP-2)
Pr21/02190 National consultant to support the Economic Council to the Prime Minister in the Implementation of the Anti-Bribery Management System in accordance with ISO 37001:2016 within the inspection and permits issuing bodies
Pr21/02189 National Consultant on capacity building support in climate change adaptation TNA (NAP-2)
Pr21/02188 MiDL - Graphic Designer
Pr21/02187 National Consultant to support the elaboration of a GAP Analysis and Roadmap for the reorganization of the CEC Finance and Economics Department (EDMITE II)
Pr21/02186 Partnership and Coordination Officer (Opened for Moldova Nationals Only)
Pr21/02185 International Expert to elaborate a GAP Analysis and Roadmap for reorganization of the CEC Finance and Economics Department (EDMITE II)



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