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Past Vacancies 2019: 31 vacancies

Reg no. Title
Pr19/01848 National consultant to conduct the assessment of the national SDGs indicator framework
Pr19/01847 Team of three National Experts: one National Team Leader, one Data Analysis Expert and one Technical Expert to support promotion of sustainable procurement in the health sector of Moldova
Pr19/01842 National Consultant on Gender Sensitive Communication
Pr19/01840 International Expert - Business Analyst
Pr19/01841 Gender Mainstreaming Consultant
Ex19/01839 IVth Edition of UN Internship Programme for Persons from Underrepresented Groups / A IV-a Ediție a Programului de Stagii ONU pentru persoane din Grupuri Subreprezentate
Pr19/01837 MiDL - National Consultant to provide support in implementation of the Grants Schemes for Home Towns Associations
Pr19/01836 Individual Consultants to provide Translation Services on Framework basis to UNDP Moldova and UN Agencies
Pr19/01838 Hydrological Engineer to support the project “Promotion of climate change and disaster risk reduction solutions in the water and civil protection sectors for enhanced rural resilience”.
Pr19/01832 National Consultant on Gender Sensitive Communication
Pr19/01833 Two local consultants to draft the Guidelines for NAC employees and other relevant civil servants on the anticorruption proofing expertise of the legal and normative acts in the following two sectors: 1) Urbanism and constructions; 2) Fiscal area.
Pr19/01830 National legal consultant to support the GPA in amending its internal regulatory framework (SPGM)
Pr19/01831 International Consultant for the organizational reform of the Gagauz People’s Assembly (SPGM)
Pr19/01820 MiDL - Capacity building Consultant on Diaspora, Migration and Development and Labour Migration issues for public authorities and Hometown Associations
Pr19/01821 MiDL 7 National Consultants to facilitate local development activities



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