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Past Vacancies 2015: 320 vacancies

Reg no. Title
Pr15/01173 Team of two national consultants – legal expert and gender and security expert - to undertake review of national legal, policy and regulatory frameworks in the security sector in the Republic of Moldova from a gender perspective and alignment with in
Ex15/01171 Coordinator of SYSLAB Centre Cahul
Pr15/01168 National Consultant for support in the incorporation of Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Moldovan public finance/budget systems (UN Women / MDA GRB Phase II)
Ex15/01167 Project Driver/Clerk - Construction of Jointly Operated Border Cross Point Palanca on the territory of the Republic of Moldova Project
Ex15/01165 Coordinator of SYSLAB Centre Chisinau - SYSLAB Project
Ex15/01166 Career Advisor Employment SYSLAB Chisinau (2 Positions) - SYSLAB Project
Ex15/01160 Entrepreneurship Advisor SYSLAB Balti - SYSLAB Project
Ex15/01161 Entrepreneurship Advisor SYSLAB Rezina - SYSLAB Project
Ex15/01162 Entrepreneurship Advisor SYSLAB Chisinau - SYSLAB Project
Ex15/01163 Entrepreneurship Advisor SYSLAB Cahul - SYSLAB Project
Ex15/01164 Entrepreneurship Advisor SYSLAB Comrat - SYSLAB Project
Pr15/01159 Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist for Climate Change Adaptation
Pr15/01156 Re-Advertisement of National consultant to develop Moldova country case study on existing inequalities in urban settlements and their impact on sustainable human development in the framework of the approved SDGs
Pr15/01154 International Consultant - Development of climate change adaptation Financing Plan
Ex15/01152 Project Manager vacancy - Moldova Energy and Biomass Project



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UNDP, as a matter of practice, does not charge any application, processing or training fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions as to vacancy announcements you may have received, please refer to this website.

UNDP is currently aware of fictitious vacancy announcements that are being circulated through the internet, the purpose of which is to get people to register for a training and send in a fee. If you believe that you have received such a notice, please forward it, and any other related information you have received, to Since logos, emblems, names and addresses can be easily copied or reproduced, you are advised to take particular care in applying for vacancies, including undertaking all appropriate measures to protect against the unauthorised use of any personal information you may have provided as a result of the scam.