Consultant on Financial Assistance for the national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Republic of Moldova 2010-2011

Vacancy Number: UNAIDS /2-2011



As the national and international response to AIDS continues to scale up, it is increasingly important to accurately track in detail: i) how funds are spent at the national level and ii) where the funds originate. The data are used to measure national commitment and action, which is an important component of the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. In addition, the data help national-level decisionmakers monitor the scope and effectiveness of their programmes. When aggregated across multiple countries, the data also help the international community evaluate the status of the global response. This piece of strategic information supports the coordination role of the National AIDS Authority in each country and provides the basis for resource allocation and improved strategic planning processes.

The purpose is to collect accurate and consistent data on how funds were spent at the national level within the National AIDS Programme and where those funds are sourced in 2010-2011 and provide a comparative analyses for the previous reporting period (2008-2009).

Primary tool/method: National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) – to be found at:

The consultant is expected to produce an Outcome Evaluation Report that highlights the findings, recommendations and lessons learnt, and give a rating of performance. This report should follow the Report Template and include all sections recommended there in good knowledge of tools and methodologies currently in use in the country for collecting this type of financial data (i.e. National AIDS Spending Assessment, National Health Accounts, Resource Flows Survey).
Both male and female candidates are strongly encouraged. 
Interested persons should submit their CV, commercial offer and Personal History Form by September 26, 2011, 6:00 PM.
Please address applications to 67 Bucuresti str, MD-2012 Chisinau, Moldova, or by e-mail

Only those selected will be contacted.


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